About Us

Crusader Hose has developed an outstanding reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of layflat hose and we are highly responsive to the needs of our clients.


To be the manufacturer of choice for premium quality layflat hose products for the fire-fighting, mining, irrigation, agriculture, fuel transfer and utility sectors in Australia and globally.



We have a range of specially designed and manufactured woven layflat hose. Our layflat hose products have been developed to suit the gruelling Australian conditions. When you're buying Crusader Hose, you can be assured that you are purchasing durability and reliability.

We have been meeting the needs of these sectors for over twenty years. Our success has been a result of our continual innovation constantly refining our product lines in order to provide solutions to different industries. Our website has detailed information on all of our products, including:

  • Flexibore - our flagship product for the pumping of bore water
  • Excalibur - fire hose
  • Petroline® - layflat hose for fuel transfer
  • Waterlord - travelling irrigation hose and agricultural drag hose


At Crusader Hose, we have had a long and proud history of supplying layflat hose and hose solutions to prominent Australian businesses and government departments. These include

  • Air Services Australia,
  • Australian Army,
  • Rio Tinto,
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA),
  • New South Wales Fire Brigade (NSWFB)
  • Yarra Valley Water
  • Caltex

Our customer service is second to none, proven by our long association with these well-regarded and prominent organisations.

In addition, we supply export customers based in New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Fiji. We welcome enquiries from all over the world.


With an ISO 9001 program in place, Crusader Hose conforms to specific industry standards. We comply with Australian Army Standard DEF 5195A and AS 2792 for fire hose, AS 2683 for fuel transfer hose and AS 4020 for potable water hose. Other customer requested standards are researched and developed according to market needs.


Crusader Hose's factory and head office are located in Melbourne, Australia. We have the facility to export layflat hose in large or small quantities. Within Australia, we have a country-wide distribution network. This ensures that all customer queries are handled promptly and efficiently.


In adition to our standard layflat hose products, we can adapt to produce hose that meets the specific requirements of local industry sectors. For example, Pureline,a potable water range of hoses, was developed to meet the specific needs of Yarra Valley Water. Another example is the Petroline hose, which is used by the Army for helicopter refuelling and ship to shore de-bunkering. See our Case Studies for more detailed information.

We're 100% Australian

We have a long and proud history in the Australian layflat hose market. We understand the technical requirements for local industries and manufacture according to these standards. Our expertise is often called upon to develop new layflat hose applications for customers facing unique liquid transfer problems. We develop layflat hose for Australian conditions, specific to industry specifications and the like.


Crusader Hose Pty Ltd has over 24 years experience in the Australian market and are now a well established company supplying lay-flat hose solutions to the Australian and international markets.

Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.