Army Fuel Hose Project

Case Study – Army Fuel Hose Project

flexibore-pics-etc-023 The Australian Defence Force called for tender a system of rapid bulk fuel transfer.Army Fuel Hose Crusader Hose met the very stringent requirements to win the contract to supply many kilometres of 150mm Petroline® for a project in Iraq. As part of this process, we also developed a purpose built hose reel system that could be easily deployed in the field to lay the fuel transfer hose. As a military deployment, the Army needed the flexibility and manoeuvrability of the flexible layflat hose. Petroline® was able to fulfil the Army’s requirements perfectly and transfer important fuel to remote locations much faster than if rigid pipes had to be laid. army-fuel-hose_3 The fuel hose reel systems were essentially modular in design, allowing for rapid deployment and retrieval at the completion of that particular project. Due to the success of Crusader Hose’s partnership with the ADF, there have been other projects such as the ship to shore transfer of fuel at Christmas Island by the Australian Navy. Australian Defence required high pressure transfer of fuel quickly to support continual troop movement often over testing terrain and over significant distances exa-web-pics-ver-2-137 In consultation with Crusader Hose a refuelling and transfer system was developed to meet these uncompromising criteria. This required the skill set of Crusader Hose in not only manufacturing a stringently certified fuel hose ,but the engineering expertise required to deploy such a system. Portable reels capable of each holding 800 metres of 6″layflat Petroline, were designed and built to exacting specifications. Central to the overall capability of this project was the inherent benefits of a light weight, easily handled and stored fuel hose, of high pressure rating. The polyurethane cover providing chemical and abrasive resistance, and UV stabilisation. exa-web-pics-ver-2-139 The Petroline system has proved most successful under trying conditions in East Timor and is also being used in ship to shore applications on Christmas Island.The Australian Defence Corps will trust only Petroline for fuel transfer across the environmentally sensitive Great Barrier Reef, arguably our highest recommendation and testimony to our compliance with highest certification. Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.


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