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  • Aquifer

    Related Words : Ground Water, Bore Water Pumping, Bore Field, Riser Pipe, Submersible Pump Installation

    Definition : An Aquifer is an underground river. Aquifers occur at various levels in the earth within cave systems. Different Aquifers yield different quantities of extractable ground water.

  • AS 2792-1992

    Related Words : DEF 5195A-1992

    Definition : AS 2792-1992 is the new Australian Standard for fire hose.

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  • Bauer

    Related Words : Bauer, Storz, Camlocks, Flanges

    Definition : Type of Fittings for hose

  • Bore Field

    Related Words : bore water pumping, ground water, crop watering, undergound aquifer, water table, aquifer

    Definition : A Bore Field is a network of bore pipes, pumps, and hoses. These usually feed a water system used by mining, crop watering, property maintenance, and municipality utilities departments.

  • Bore Hose

    Related Words : Bore Hoses, Borewater hoses, pump hose, Bore Field, Bore Pipe, Bore Water Pumping

    Definition : A Bore Hose is a the hose which is added to a Bore Pump. You can use Bore Hose for bore water extraction into a water system.

  • Bore Pipe

    Related Words : Bore Water, Bore Pump, Riser Pipe, Flexible Riser, Flexibore

    Definition :A Bore Pipe is a the pipe or hose which is added to a Bore Pump for the purpose of bore water retrieval.

  • Bore Water Pumping

    Related Words : Riser Pipe, Bore Hose, Aquifer, Ground Water Pumping, Submersible Bore Pump

    Definition : Bore Water Pumping is the process of using a bore hose to access an underground aquifer. Bore water pumping is a cost effective method of ground water extraction to areas which need it.

  • Boreline

    Related Words : Boreline

    Definition : Boreline is a brand name for a flexible rising main hose. Boreline is most well known in South Africa and USA.

  • Braided Hose

    Related Words : Woven Hose, Coil Hose, Low pressure hose

    Definition : A braided hose is generally used for light application and is suitable for industrial, mining, and irrigation industries that do not need to have a more heavy duty woven hose. Braided hose is not high pressure, it is generally low pressure.

  • Break Off Plugs

    Related Words : Flexibore, flexible couplings, hose installation, flexible pipe

    Definition :A break off plug is used for emptying water out of the riser pipe. If you do not empty the pipe of water, then it is very difficult for you to retrieve your hose when relocating or maintaining the hose or pump. The break off plug allows you to drain the water thus allowing it to be easily retrieved.

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  • DEF 5195A-1992

    Related Words : AS 2792-1992

    Definition : DEF 5195A-1992 is the Australian Army Standard for fire hose.

  • Drag Hose

    Related Words : Irrigation Hose, WaterLord, travelling irrigator, hose bypass

    Definition : A drag hose is another name for an Irrigation Hose and can be dragged behind a travelling irrigator to automate the process of irrigating crops.

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  • Farm Water Maintenance

    Related Words : Crop Watering, Water Systems, Bore Water Pumping, Ground Water, irrigation hose

    Definition : Farm Water Maintenance is essential for any farm. Effective Farm Water Maintenance is the efficient use of water, water storage and distribution systems. Farm Water Maintenance allows farmers to manage their water resources throughout the year with good flexible pipelines. This means more productive farms, more reliability on farm yield and farm productivity, and not being at the mercy of extreme droughts or adverse weather.

  • Fire Hose

    Related Words : Fire Hoses, firehose, fire fighting hose, bushfire hose, fire protection hose

    Definition :A Fire Hose is hose specially designed for fire fighting. Fire Hose needs to be reinforced, high pressure and heavy duty to handle critical situations. Fire Hose usually comes in too varieties. Fire hose can be uncovered canvas hose, or it can be further reinforced with a protective extruded covering of plastic or rubber.

  • Flexible Hose

    Related Words : Flexible Hoses, Flexible Riser, Rising Main, Flexible Rising Main, Flexibore, Flexible Water Pipe

    Definition :A Flexible Hose is a hose which is flexible to make it more versatile than a rigid pipe and therefore more useful in situations requiring adaptation. Flexible Hose can be coiled and stored easily and is also good for mobile work where fixed rigid pipes would be inappropriate.

  • Flexible Riser

    Related Words : Flexible Rising Main, water systems, riser hose, riser pipe, flexible water pipe, ground water extraction

    Definition :A Flexible Riser is a riser pipe using a lay flat hose. Flexible Risers are used to pump ground water from an aquifer into a water system at ground level.

  • Flexible Rising Main

    Related Words : Flexible Riser, Rising Main, riser pipe, riser hose, ground water extraction

    Definition :A Flexible Rising Main is another term for a flexible riser. A flexible rising main has advantages over steel bore risers in that it is safer and more efficient. Flexible rising mains are also easier to install and maintain and have very long service lives.

  • Flexible Water Pipe

    Related Words : Flexible Riser, Rising Main, Flexible Rising Main, Flexibore

    Definition :A Flexible Water Pipe is a reinforced hose which is flexible and can be used, coiled and stored easily. Flexible water pipes are often used for potable water (drinking water) and in crop watering systems. They are also versatile and are easy to deploy and retrieve around obstacles and structures where a fixed rigid pipe would be cumbersome and access is limited. A perfect example of this would be within a mine shaft or a tunnel where the flexibility of the water system is essential to get the job done.

  • Fuel Hose

    Related Words : Fuel Hoses, industrial hose, petroline, marine refuelling, bunkering, boat refuelling

    Definition :A Fuel Hose is a specially designed hose which is suitable for hydrocarbon pumping. You can get a flexible fuel hose which can be easily stored due to it’s lay flat properties. Fuel Hose is typically stored on ships, on reels in the hold of a boat or ship, or in a marina. An important element is an anti-static wire for spark safety.

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  • Ground Water

    Related Words : Crop Watering Systems, Farm Water Maintenance, Water Systems, Bore Water Pumping, Aquifer, Water Table, Ground Water Extraction

    Definition :Ground Water is a water resource which is under the ground. Water flows underground through aquifers from which bore water extraction is possible. 70% of available fresh water is ground water.

  • Ground Water Extraction

    Related Words : Ground Water, Bore Water, Water Systems, Bore Water Pumping, Riser Pipe, Bore Pipe

    Definition :Ground Water Extraction is the process of pumping ground water through a riser pipe which can also be a flexible hose. Ground Water Extraction is important when there are no rivers or damns available for your water system.

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  • High Pressure Hose

    Related Words : Industrial Hose, Heavy Duty Hose, Fire Hose, Mine Dewatering, lay flat hoses

    Definition : A High Pressure Hose is a hose through which you can pump water or fluids to pressures of 1000kPa or higher. Uses of high pressure hose lay flat hose include fire fighting and mine de-watering.

  • Hose Reel

    Related Words : Hose Ancillary products, storage, transport

    Definition : A Reel is an essential accompaniment to a lay flat hose which is not in a permanent fixture. The reel will allow you to store the hose in a compact area which is also essential for moving the hose from location to location.

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  • ISO

    Related Words : Quality Standard, accreditation, ISO9001

    Definition : ISO is an international recognised certification for authorised manufacturers and suppliers. Crusader hose products are ISO compliant and we always recommend to our customers hoses which meet the Quality Standards they need for their application.

  • Irrigation Hose

    Related Words :Waterbore, agricultural hose, crop watering, drag hose, travelling irrigator

    Definition :An Irrigation Hose is a specifically designed hose for use on farms and crop watering areas.

  • L
  • Lay flat hoses

    Related Words : waterlord, rapier, hose

    Definition : Heavy duty reliable layflat hose

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  • Low Maintenance Water Systems

    Related Words : ground water, bore water pumping, crop watering

    Definition : A Low Maintenance Water System is a well designed and created water system which gives you peace of mind that couplings and pipes are reliable, and handling components of the water system is easy to service. Another difference between a high maintenance water system and a low maintenance water system is the level of effort and expense required to keep the system operational. Lay flat hose and flexible hose systems are generally very conducive of setting up a low maintenance water system in that it is easy to handle, easy to maintain, and very durable. Flexible hose can last for as long as 20 years, giving water system operators good peace of mind knowing their water system is reliable.

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  • Non-Collapsible Hose

    Related Words :Lay flat hoses, suction hose

    Definition :A non-collapsible hose is a suction hose which holds its shape even when it is not in use. Non-collapsible hoses are not as easy to store or move as lay flat hose so are generally not as widely used.

  • P
  • Potable Hose

    Related Words :Potable Water, flexible water pipe, drinking water, clean water, water contamination, water filtering

    Definition :A Potable Hose is a hose which is approved for safe use of drinking quality water. It is particularly important that the hose can remain uncontaminated with impurities from the plastics in many other hoses which can be make people sick over time. Potable water is one of the most important elements of health so specific hose is recommended to minimize the chances of contamination.

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  • Reinforced Hose

    Related Words :Industrial Hose, Heavy Duty Hose, High Pressure Hose, Durable Hose

    Definition :A Reinforced Hose is a woven textile fabric hose covered by a plastic material. Reinforced hose is great for high pressure fluid transfer, and compact storage.

  • Riser Hose

    Related Words :Riser Hoses, bore pipe, Bore Water, Bore Pump, Riser Pipe, Flexible Riser, Flexibore

    Definition :A Riser Hose is a the hose that links the ground water into the water system. The riser pipe is the vertical pipe that elevates water using a pump.

  • Riser Pipe

    Related Words :Rising Main, Rising Column, Riser Pipes, Bore Pipe, Bore Casing, Bore Water Pumping

    Definition :A Riser Pipe is the pipe which brings or rises the water from an underground aquifer to the surface. Riser Pipes are essential for use in bore water pumping.

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  • Submersible Pump Installation

    Related Words :Install Submersible Pump, Installing Submersible Pumps, Flexibore Installation

    Definition :Submersible Pump Installation is easiest done using a flexible hose such as flexibore. Submersible pumps can also be installed with rigid risers such as steel or polypipe, although the advantage of flexible hose is that the submersible pump installation and pump retrieval is much easier, safer, and less expensive.

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  • What is a Dewatering Hose?
    Related Words : De-watering Hose, mine de watering, flexible hose, flexible water pipe, Reinforced Hose, high pressure hose     Definition : A Dewatering Hose is a hose which is designed to extract water from an underground mine, dam or pit. Mine dewatering is essential if miners are to be given access the ore body when water seepage has filled areas making them inaccessible. Dewatering hose can also be used on flooded properties, flooded farms, dam emptying, and water transfer.
  • Water Systems

    Related Words :Low Maintenance Water Systems, Crop Watering, Bore Water Pumping, Farm Water Maintenance

    Definition :A Water System is a network of pumps and pipes to transfer water to a desired location. Water Systems can comprise of ground water extraction, crop watering, water dam filling, mine de watering, potable water systems, right through to industrial water systems. Water systems are used by farms, in factories, mines, and properties.

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