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We are well known for providing high-quality fire fighting hoses that comply with professional fire industry regulations. Our products pages list in detail the various types of fire hose we provide. We have been working closely in association with many metropolitan, regional and rural fire brigades – supplying them with the correct fire hose for their particular challenges.Our manufacturing process and quality materials ensure the highest performance possible when it counts the most. We are able to provide a total fire fighting hose solution. We can supply and ship the fire hose that best suits your situation and conditions. We can also provide the proper clamps, couplings and hose fittings to match your needs. Hose performance requirements It goes without saying that different types of fires require different types of fire hose for the best outcome. We provide a wide range of fire hose, each one with unique features for optimal performance. We can supply specifically manufactured fire hose suitable for domestic and farm protection through to industrial and heavy duty fire brigade use. Each type of fire fighting hose has been manufactured to face particular challenges. For example, our Sabre is a percolating fire hose which is best used in extreme bushfire situations, enabling a constant flow of water soaking to protect it from the fire. The table below is a guide to demonstrate the broad range of fire hoses that we manufacture.
Hose TypeExcaliburRapierSabreCenturionCavalier
Burst PressureLow
Diameter19-10225-7638 -6425-10225-102
Cover materialPolyesterPVCPercolatingPolyesterPU Coating
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Ask us for more information about the best fire hose for your situation.
Different situations require different hose solutions: Excalibur Fire Hose Kit
Excalibur is a genuine woven fire hose that is suitable for situations requiring quick deployment. Because it is lightweight, it is easy for one person to manage. It suits home and boat owners, as it requires no ongoing maintenance and is very durable. Excalibur comes complete with quality stainless steel clamps and standard BSP fittings for convenience. Like all our hose, Excalibur Fire Hose comes with a 12 month full replacement warranty.
Excalibur Fire Hose 25 mm Excalibur Fire Hose 38mm 
Length20 mLength20m
Other lengthsAvailable on requestOther lengthsAvailable on request
Rating6700 kPa (1000 PSI)Rating4500 kPa (650 PSI)
Shut-off nozzleIncludedShut-off NozzleIncluded
Fitting1″ BSP
male & female
Fitting1½” BSP
male & female
Centurion Fire Hose Centurion comes in standard 30 metre lengths and can be manufactured up to 300m. It is available in many different diameters (see table below). It is an ideal fire hose for fire brigades as it is low maintenance, light weight and compact. It has been approved by the Australian Defence Force (DEF 5195A 1992) and the Board of Fire Commissioners NSW Standard. It is a popular choice for many fire brigades because it is easy to use, yet capable of handling high pressure discharge. Its 100% synthetic construction is rot-proof and it can be rolled away wet, after each use. Like all our hose, Centurion Fire Hose comes with a 12 month full replacement warranty.
Centurion Fire Hose      
Standard Diameters
(others available on request)
FeaturesFully woven fire hose
Space Saving
Light Weight
Low Maintenance
Length30 m
(custom lengths are available up to 300m)
Burst PressureClass M – 3500 KPa
Class H – 5250 kPa
UsesFire Brigade & Plant wash-down
Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.

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