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Safe & Efficient Fuel Transfer with Petroline®
Petroline® has been the fuel transfer hose of choice for the Australian Defence Force in Iraq. You can’t come with a better endorsement! To perform in harsh conditions when it really matters – that’s what Petroline® offers.

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Petroline® fuel transfer hose delivers more than just fuel from point to point. It delivers reliability and efficiency to improve your profitability. Combined with purpose designed hose reel systems, Petroline® will streamline your fuel delivery, saving you money, manpower and time.

Fuel Hose

When you need reliable and rapid ship to shore, or refuelling lines, Petroline® offers the best choice for the rapid transfer of bulk chemicals and fuel. We also provide compatible Petroline® hose couplings, including anti-static wire for electrical continuity. Petroline® is available in different colours making it easy to differentiate different fuels in transit.
Choose Petroline® for:
  • Delivering fuels and chemicals
  • Refueling – truck, rail and ship
  • Ship to shore fuel transfer
  • Applications in fuel terminals and depots
  • A long working life in extreme climates

Petroline® Specifications

Working Temperature-55°C to 65°C
Static ProtectionIncorporates anti-static wire
Chemical ResistanceResistant to hydrocarbons and most chemicals
Impact damageHigh abrasion resistance
Ozone propertiesUV stabilised
HandlingEasy to handle & roll. Lightweight, durable & maintenance free


Hose sizes
pressure (kPa)
(4:1 safety margin)
40 mm (11/2″)40.04295038000.40
50 mm (2″)50.054185074000.55
64 mm (21/2″)64.068102541000.75
75 mm (3″)76.080145058000.95
100 mm (4″)102.0106125050001.40
150 mm (6″)152.0156.5110044002.50
Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.

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