Lay flat hoses

Heavy duty reliable layflat hose for all industrial purposes
Whether you need a hose to wash-down your manufacturing plant, or to deliver chemicals or liquid from one destination to another, you need a reliable set of hoses that do the job with the minimum of fuss. Crusader Hose can provide all your industrial hose needs. This list is not exhaustive but gives an indication of the broad range of layflat hose we can supply.Utilities providers such as Yarra Valley Water rely on our hose to deliver drinking water when mains water is lost due to pipeworks or burst mains.

Flat water hose

Waterlord Layflat Hose is constructed from synthetic polyurethane for maxium abrasion and chemical resistance. It is highly resistant to oils and chemicals, making it ideal in any industrial situation. It is easy to repair and maintain, and its low coil volume ensures easy handling. Comes with a 5 and 10 year warranty for peace of mind. Rapier is a multi-purpose industrial layflat hose. It is a rubber covered fire hose that is also suitable for plant wash-down, mine-dewatering, chemical transfer etc. It comes in a range of colours and sizes for ease of recognition on the worksite. Sunnyflo is a qaulity braided layflat hose. Ideal for lighter duty applications in industrial, irrigation and mining industries.


Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.
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