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Rapid high volume mine de-watering hose for mining projects
larg_imgs When a large volume of water needs to be removed in a hurry, Crusader Hose has the perfect solution. Our sturdy and reliable Waterlord has been developed to withstand UV, and to work efficiently under high operating pressures.

Flexible riser

The construction of the Waterlord (from a thermoplastic polyurethane with a woven textile fabric using high tenacity polyester) ensures consistent high pressure ratings. It is reliable, speedy and easy to handle and install. It requires little manpower to handle and its lightweight construction reduces transportation costs. It comes in a range of diameters up to 8″, allowing a maximum flow rate of a massive 115 l / sec! We’ll be happy to discuss which size de-watering hose will best suit your particular situation, just click here.
Important Specs 
Maximum pressure5000 kPa
Weight / metre0.4 – 3.0 kg / m
Maximum continuous length300m
UV ratingExcellent
Abrasion resistanceHigh
Features of Waterlord
waterlord-hose-body-image_3 Our irrigation hoses are a popular choice because they are:
    • Easy to handle because of their low volume coil
    • Available in lengths up to 300 m (longer lengths available on request)
    • 10 Year pro-rata warranty
  • UV stabilized
  • Non cracking PU cover
  • Each hose hydrostatically tested
  • Easily repairable
  • Extra abrasion resistant

Riser Pipe

waterlord-hose-body-image_5waterlord-hose-body-image_4 To see full Waterlord specifications, see the table in the Waterlord hose page. Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.

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