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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Solutions

Is All Hose Tested?

Each Flexibore , Petroline and Waterlord hose is hydrostatically tested prior to despatch. Our standard test pressure is 1500kPa but we can test to higher pressure if required. We also carry out pressure testing for fire hose as required. We have an accredited hydrostatic testing facility and can test up to 7400kPa pressure.

Does Crusader Hose Supply Flexible Rising Main And Other Quality Industrial Hose To The Philippines?

Yes, Crusader Hose has a good record for supplying Flexibore and other flexible rising main hose to Manila and other parts of the Philippines for a number of years now.

What Are The Warranty Terms?

All hose is covered by a full warranty for materials and workmanship. The various types of hose carry different terms.

Waterlord – 10 year pro rata
Flexibore 100 & 250 series – 5 year pro rata
Petroline – 5 year pro rata
Fire hose – 12 months

Indirect costs are not covered under warranty.

How Do I Safely Install The Pump Using Flexibore Hose?

There are 3 typical methods for installing Flexibore.

1. Vehicle assisted 2. Crane assisted 3. Hand assisted

Depending on the bore depth, pump weight and access space, a decision must be made on which installation method will be used. See the installation instructions

How Do I Fit The Flexibore Couplings To The Hose?

Flexibore couplings are designed to be fitted onto the hose during installation. The hose is pushed onto the coupling tail and 2 sets of clamps are securely fastened around the tail using an Allen key.

Do I Need To Use A Safety Cable With Flexibore Hose?

No. As long as the total weight of the pump and cable falls within the safety margin of the ultimate tensile strength, then no safety cable is required.

You can see more information on the Flexibore Safety Cable recommendations.

If the total weight is higher than the recommended max tensile load, please contact us to confirm safety cable usage.

Note that if you want to use a safety cable, this is allowed yet we recommend that the Flexibore hose takes the load of the pump and cable. In other words the pump must hang on the hose and not the cable.

How Do I Secure The Power Cable To The Hose?

There are 2 methods to secure the power cable to the hose.

1. Heavy duty cable ties
2. Polyurethane straps

What Is The Availability For Hose?

We have a large warehouse in which we attempt to carry a comprehensive range of stock of all hose that we manufacture. However if we do not have stock, we will advise an accurate lead time.

What Types Of Fittings Are Available?

We fit a wide range of couplings to our hose. The main ones include Bauer, Storz, Camlocks and flanges. We also fit the full range of fire hose couplings plus many industrial types too.

What Locations Do Crusader Hose Service?

Crusader Hose services all Melbourne metropolitan areas. We are located in Bayswater, Victoria and we service all major cities of Australia.

In Australia All the states as well as the major cities and rural centres. These include Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, rural Tasmania, rural Victoria, Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), New South Wales (NSW) country Queensland etc.

Around the world Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Thailand, Russia are where our major customers are located. We also supply to numerous other export markets.

What Industries And Individuals Utilise Crusader Hose Products?

We supply a range of layflat hose to the mining, oil and gas industries as well as the logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, fire brigades and utilities sectors. We are a supplier to the ADF, Shell, CocaCola, Yarra Valley Water, CFA, NSW Fire Brigade and the SA Fire Service.

What Hose Brands Are Available At Crusader Hose?

Crusader Hose offers an extensive range of hose, including the fire hose range: Excalibur, Rapier, Sabre, Potable Flexible, Cavalier and Centurion, the refeulling hose, Petroline®, agricultural & mining hose Flexibore & Waterlord.

How Strong Is The Flexibore Hose?

Crusader Hose have had an independent NATA approved laboratory carry out tensile tests on the full range of Flexibore hose. The figures obtained from these tests to destruction are included on our specification sheet for Flexibore hose. A copy of this test report is available upon request.