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Delivering Precious Water Effectively

Whether you’re retrieving bore water to irrigate your crops or transferring water through irrigation channels, you need irrigation hose solutions that are cost effective and efficient. With water being such a scarce resource, it’s vital to use high quality hose to transport it with minimum loss. The key to water conservation when dealing with pumping and irrigation is secure clamping and couplings that you can rely on. Our fitting and coupling service can repair and restore efficient water delivery on your existing irrigation hose or ours. The first step is choosing a Crusader Hose product that matches your needs. If you are unsure which of our products is suitable, we welcome your queries.

With a broad range of irrigation hose, Crusader Hose is a leading irrigation hose manufacturer and irrigation hose supplier.

Inside diameter Weight per Metre Short Length Bursting Pressure Recommended Working Pressure Coil Diameter
25 mm 0.19 kg 5500 kPa 1500 kPa 0.40 m / 60m
38 mm 0.25 kg 5500 kPa 1500 kPa 0.42 m / 60m
51 mm 0.34 kg 5500 kPa 1500 kPa 0.44 m / 60m
  • Other sizes available: 65mm, 76mm, and 102 mm.
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