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Sabre Hose

Sabre Hose


Sabre is Crusader Hose’s premium percolating fire hose. This is a layflat percolating fire hose which allows precision engineered seepage of water under pressure through the hose fabric jacket. This percolating feature forms a water barrier on the hose jacket which protects the hose against the effect of heat and glowing embers. Sabre fire hose can be manufactured from 25mm to 65mm diameter.

It is lightweight yet sturdy construction enables fire fighters to take this fire hose into dense bushfires transporting the fire hose in backpacks. The hose is fully synthetic thus making it mildew resistant. As a result this hose is maintenance free so no drying is required after use. Usually this hose is supplied in 30m lengths but longer lengths can be made.
All hose manufactured in our ISO 9001 quality accredited factory and comes with a standard 1 year warranty. This woven fire hose is made from polyester with a synthetic rubber lining. The lining is mechanically perforated for even seepage along the entire length. Depending on the types of fires, you can choose from 3 grades of percolation that can be obtained – low, medium and high.
Class Inside diameter
Inside diameter
Working Pressure
Test Pressure


Burst Pressure
Weight per Meter
30m Coil Diameter
H 25 1″ 2100 3100 5250 0.16 0.36
H 38 1½” 2100 3100 5250 0.23 0.40
H 51 2” 2100 3100 5250 0.28 0.42
H 64 1½” 2100 3100 5250 0.35 0.48
H 65 1½” 2100 3100 5250 0.35 0.48
  • Forestry fire fighting
  • Bush fire fighting

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