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Bore Water Pumping

Bore Water Pumping

Bore water is groundwater that is accessed through drilling a bore into natural underground water reservoirs. Water can collect underground within porous spaces between layers of sands, gravels and fractured rocks known as aquifers.

Bore water is a finite resource and needs to be managed sustainably. Accessing water in aquifers often requires drilling a hole into the ground to the water table (the depth of the water line below ground), and then pumping the water out to be stored in bore water tanks and/or used in an irrigation system.

Accessing underground aquifers has never been easier with Flexibore, Crusader Hose’s popular solution for those needing reliable access to bore water. Flexibore lay-flat hose/riser has been specifically engineered to improve the action of rigid rising mains with minimum loss, maximising efficiency and saving cost.

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