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Mining De-watering Hoses

Mining De-watering Hoses

Pumping Water Out of Open Cut Mines

Moving a large volume of water out of mining site is a crucial part of any mining project and he ability to manage this process efficiently can deliver significant time and cost savings.

Furthermore, controlling ground and surface water is vital to the productivity and performance of the mine in addition to the preservation of the environment and safety of employees on-site.

Crusader Hose manufactures a wide range of water disposal hoses and reeling systems that fit various mining applications.

Our Waterlord layflat hose for quick dewatering is sturdy, reliable and tough. It can be rapidly deployed from a hose reel and connected to a pump to remove the water which may have filled due to cyclones or groundwater flows. The hose is strong and can be laid onto rough ground, plus left lying out in the sun as it is UV stabilised and abrasion resistant. The pressure ratings are also high, so pumps can operate up to 2000kPa if required.

The choice of irrigation hose is detailed in the table below.

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