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Army Fuel Hose Project

Case Study – Army Fuel Hose Project

The Australian Defence Force called for tender to supply a system for rapid bulk fuel transfer. Crusader Hose met the very stringent requirements to win the contract to supply many kilometres of 150mm Petroline® for the Australian Army to be used in Iraq. As part of this process, we also developed a purpose-built hose reel system that could be easily deployed in the field to lay the fuel transfer hose. As a military deployment, the Army needed the flexibility and manoeuvrability of the flexible layflat hose. Petroline® was able to fulfil the Army’s requirements perfectly and transfer important fuel to remote locations much faster than if rigid pipes had to be laid. The fuel hose reel systems were essentially modular in design, allowing for rapid deployment and retrieval at the completion of that particular project. Due to the success of Crusader Hose’s partnership with the ADF, there have been other projects such as the ship-to-shore transfer of fuel at Christmas Island by the Australian Navy.

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