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Bore Water Retrieval

Case Study – Bore Water Retrieval

Due to the recent droughts, water has become a very pricey commodity. Farmers without access to regular channel irrigation can find themselves even more at the mercy of nature. One solution to secure water supply is to invest in a borehole and to access groundwater. The advantages of a farmer installing a borehole and pumping water for crops is obvious, but many farmers are daunted by the belief that it will involve a lot of equipment that is hard to maintain. What farmers need is a low-maintenance bore water retrieval system of that’s easy to install and maintain. It’s available from Crusader Hose and is called Flexibore.

Its construction from polyester fibre means that, compared with traditional bore water pipes, there is no build-up of calcium, lime or rust to compromise the flow of water over time. Another advantage for farmers is the depth of groundwater that can be accessed by Flexibore. The standard length is 200 metres, and it works with most submersible pumps for continual water flow.

As a result farmers are more prosperous, their crops have adequate water and, most importantly, farms are not completely at the mercy of the elements.

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