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Deep Submersible Pump Installation

Case Study – Deep Submersible Pump Installation

Think Water Bunbury in Western Australia had the major project of extracting ground water from depths of up to 247 metres on behalf of Wesfarmers Resources at their mine site.

The pumps required were the large and heavy 90 kW type, and there were added concerns of salinity and iron bacteria build up, common in this area. Ten bores were required to reduce the ground water at flow rates of 45 litres per second. To install submersible pump or pumps in this fashion was easy because of the selection of a flexible riser.

The salinity in the area ruled out galvanised steel as a riser as the corrosion would significantly reduce the working life. The cost of installation, and further down the track, retrieval when required, was also an issue.

The weight of these huge pumps, plus the weight of water in the full column, plus the weight of cables fell well within the tensile load capabilities of 125mm Flexibore (14 tonne).

Flexibore’s inherit ability to flex and swell slightly under pressure ensured there would not be any flow reduction because of build-up of iron bacteria. The working pressure of the 90 kW pumps was also well within the capabilities of Flexibore, as was the flow rate of up to 55 litres per second. The installation went smoothly, and the Flexibore riser is quite simply doing the job.

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