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Flexibore 100 for ground water pumping on farm

Case Study – Flexibore 100 for ground water pumping on farm

New Hose System for Bore Water Pumping

In December 2011, Crusader Hose were successful in winning a competitive tender as part of the Australian Government’s textile, clothing and footwear strategic capability (SCP) program. This grant was awarded for the development of an innovative new hose process that would offer a variety of advantages to users as opposed to the commonly used poly pipe. The resulting product is a laminated Flexibore hose and has been on the market ever since.

Just recently, a Victorian farmer, who had much of his property devastated by the Black Saturday bush fires, needed to get a bore system installed for his stock as well as for his new home. The Flexibore 100 was his system of choice after having understood the needs for an easy to install riser pipe with the pump set at 120m depth. He also decided on a solar pump as the cost of bringing an electrical cable to the bore would have been expensive, due to the distances involved. The Flexibore 100 proved to be a smart choice for bore water pumping as the installation was carried out in a couple of hours with minimal fuss and equipment. The farmer was very pleased to have this bore water pumping option as he said that he would have struggled had he tried to use poly pipe.

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