Petroline Hose

Fuel transfer has never been easier
PDF: Click Here To Download Petroline Brochure exa-web-pics-ver-2-003 Our specialised woven polyurethane layflat hose has been developed for the safe and efficient transfer of fuel. Our Petroline® layflat hose meets the stringent requirements of the Australian Defence Force, who have used it in major deployments overseas. exa-web-pics-ver-2-002 Petroline® customers include the Australian Defence Force, the Oil and Gas Industry as well as a variety of logistics and fuel handling companies. Petroline® was developed to safely transfer hazardous liquid fuels over long Petroleum Hosesor short distances. For example, unloading or loading petrol from tankers to vehicles, and from vehicles to fuel depots. We have engineered Petroline® to withstand high pressure volatile situations, ensuring the highest safety. Petroline® is an extruded polyurethane hose comprising a polyurethane cover and lining encasing a woven polyester fabric jacket. The woven jacket provides the strength, while the polyurethane provides chemical and abrasion resistance. Standard supply lengths are 100m and 200mm, but hose can be supplied to customer requirements.
Features & Benefits
    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • High Pressure rating
    • Good resistance to fuel and chemicals
    • Easy to repair and patch
    • Compact storage
    • UV Stabilised – hardwearing
  • Supplied with copper anti-static wire for electrical continuity
  • Available in different colours
Applications & Uses
  • Refuelling – truck, rail & ship
  • Fuel Terminals & Depots
  • Bulk Fuel Distribution
  • Ship to Shore transfer
Petroline® Fittings
exa-web-pics-ver-2-139 We have a wide range of specially designed Petroline® couplings for most applications Standards
    • Manufactured to ISO 9001
    • Complies with AS2683 section 2
    • Complies with AS2001.28 – UV & abrasion tests

Polyurethane hose


Working Temperature –-50°C to 65°C
Static ProtectionIncorporates anti-static wire
Chemical ResistanceResistant to hydrocarbons and most chemicals
Impact DamageHigh abrasion resistance
Ozone PropertiesUV stabilised
HandlingEasy to handle & roll
PropertiesLightweight, durable & maintenance free
Hose Sizes diameter mm (inch)Hose Sizes diameter mm (inch)External diameter (mm)Rec’d working pressure (kPa) (4:1 safety margin)Burst pressure (kPa)Weight (kg/m)
40mm (1½”)40.042.095038000.40
50mm (2″)50.054.0185074000.55
64mm (2½”)64.068.0102541000.75
75mm (3″)76.080.0145058000.95
100mm (4″)102.0106.0125050001.40
150mm (6″)152.0156.5110044002.50


Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.

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