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Think Outside
the Circle

Think Layflat Hose

Many benefits of Crusader Hose layflat
for Mine Dewatering

Compactly Stored

Takes less than 1/10 of the space compared to poly pipe.

Rapid Deployment

You can deploy up to 4km in 2 days.

Easy Transport

One truck can fit 3500m of 300mm layflat hose vs 10 trucks for poly pipe.

No Welding - Continuous lengths of up to 200m

No welding workforce or machinery required. No joins required along the pipeline.

Flexibility to adapt to terrain

Continuous Layflat hose can be taken up high pit walls. Polypipe is too dangerous to handle high pit walls.


Layflay hose is easily reused on another part of the mine unlike poly, which is expensive or impossible to redeploy.

Low Environmental Impact

Transporting truckloads of poly creates more pollution than a single truck with layflat hose.

Swells Under Pressure

Swelling increases pumping volumes thereby reducing energy requirements.

Tough & Robust

Trucks can drive over Layflat hose. You can’t do that with rigid pipe. 

Think Outside the Circle,
think layflat hose
from Crusader Hose

Our Mine Dewatering Solutions

Waterlord® Layflat Hose

Hamersley™ Reel System

heavy duty industrial hose winder and reel for mining dewatering Hamersley

Flexibore® Layflat Hose


As all our hose and engineered products are manufactured here in Australia, we control the quality. We’ve been manufacturing layflat hose for over 36 years, and our factory has ISO 9001 certification. Our continuous improvement philosophy has brought our hose to world standard.

Our warehouse is well-stocked with the most popular types and sizes of hose.

We manufacture locally and can adjust our production schedule to suit customers’ needs. Usually, it can take up to 5 days to manufacture a custom order of hose. For engineered items, it could take a bit longer.

In certain cases, we can send a technical expert on-site.

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