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Flexibore® for
Irrigation Scheme

Large irrigation scheme uses Flexibore®

The Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS) developed new water treatment facilities to increase the production of recycled irrigation water by 12 gigalitres. This recycled water is suitable for food production and has created an opportunity to get high value crops to overseas markets.

The water was pumped into large storage dams from 10 bores, all using submersible pumps and Flexibore®. Flexibore® was chosen as it was the most efficient riser in terms of pumping costs and ease of installation. The prime contractors, Leed Valoriza, also wanted to have the back-up from a local manufacturer. The project engineer was particularly impressed with the service and support he received from us. “We had the MD come over from Melbourne to assist with the submersible bore pump installation. We were very pleased to see how easily the pumps could be installed and after completing the first one, we scheduled the rest to be installed at 2 per day,” he stated.

Francois Steverlynck concluded, “Australia has a clean and green image, cultivated over years of managing our resources responsibly. We also have a capable manufacturing industry, brought about by hard work and investments in education. It is wonderful when we all work smartly together to deliver projects such as NAIS as this will continue to benefit generations of Australians.”

Key Learnings:

  • Flexibore® is easy to handle and install
  • Crusader Hose supplies to large government water schemes

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