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Innovation in Action

From the desk of the Managing Director:

Layflat Hose Innovation – reshaping the future of water & fuel transfer

Our number one priority is to make a difference by creating products that add real value to our customers. Our core value of continuous improvement has brought us to where we are today – a progressive and innovative company.

Innovation is the catalyst that propels businesses forward, driving progress, and helps shape the future. We have pioneered incredible achievements in Australian manufacturing with our layflat hose systems supporting the numerous industries where efficiency and safety are key.

We offer a proven and reliable alternative to fibreglass, steel, and HDPE piping to many sectors: mining, defence, agriculture, civil works, and firefighting. The challenges of running pipelines over many kilometres and up high pit walls are a thing of the past when using layflat hose.


Laying HDPE pipelines is time-consuming and costly compared to installing our flexible system. Handling rigid pipe is also cumbersome and often adds complexity to projects. Layflat hose comes rolled compactly onto reels and can be deployed quickly and easily with any one of our Reel systems.

We’ve been manufacturing layflat hose for over 38 years and, during that time, have been involved in many mine dewatering projects. Two years ago, I had a eureka moment when speaking with some mining engineers about their pain points in the dewatering space. Installing pipelines up high pit walls with our layflat hose, we believe, is the solution many engineers have been looking for.

Our 152mm Crusader Hose Waterlord® mine dewatering hose has a burst pressure of 9,000 kPa (900m head), which ensures a high safety factor when connected to a helical rotor or centrifugal pump. This Crusader hose is only 4mm thick. Layflat pipelines withstand high volume and high pressure, and installing them takes only a fraction of the time compared to poly. Connecting 200 m segments of layflat with our high-tech Boa clamps can be done easily on-site without needing special equipment.

Crusader Hose has the technical support and offers training to assist mines in installing our layflat hose system. Our technical expert can spend one or two days on-site anywhere in Australia to ensure a safe and rapid installation.

Happy pumping!

Francois Steverlynck
Managing Director Crusader Hose