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Hose Reel & Winder Systems

Great solutions for big jobs & busy people

Portable hose reel for quick deployment & retrieval

Our Engineering Department is at the forefront of designing and fabricating reel systems for layflat hose. These reel systems ensure rapid deployment and recovery and are a perfect solution to alleviate the manual labour of handling large-diametre hose. These state-of-the-art reel systems are ideal for emergencies such as mine dewatering, flooding, and bringing large amounts of water to problematic fires.

Proudly manufactured in Australia, our reel systems have been designed in consultation with industry to suit most pumping applications. We have complete reel systems of up to 4000m of 12” hose, which can fit onto one truck trailer.

Quick & easy

1. Mount hose reel system onto your material-handling plant/unit.

2. Plant/unit moves forward and the reel lays out/unwinds the hose.

3. To retrieve, reverse the process.

  • Can be attached to your truck, bob-cat, forklift or tractor
  • Easy, quick hose deployment and retrieval
  • Easy and compact to store
  • Safe and easy to handle
Primary uses
  • Mine dewatering
  • Temporary pumping to remote locations
  • Urban & municipal works
  • Manage problematic fires

Hamersley™ Reel System

Interchangeable reels make it quick and easy to handle multiple hose lengths. Storage is compact with these upright reels; capacity up to 200m lengths. The system comes with reel, reel drive unit and storage frame.
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Bayswater™ Mobile Hose Crate 1000

Pallet-sized for easy transport, this system is modular for stacking and storage. 1000m Ø reels. Single spool capacity up to 150m length.
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Argyle Reel System

Modular trailer-mounted system. 1600mm Ø reels. Key start engine with handheld remote control. Two reels with up to 2 x 100m lengths.

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Timor Reel System

Storage is compact with these interchangeable wide spools; capacity for multiple lengths with couplings up to 1000m. Comes with a reel or spool, onboard diesel hydraulic power pack and remote control.

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