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Wiew our some latest examples of how our premier layflat hose has helped improve situations

Exhibitions Demonstrations and Shows

Crusader Hose are active participants in numerous industry shows throughout Australia and the South East Asia region. Our technical experts have assisted hundreds of Engineers, Consultants, Farmers and Irrigators with expert advice regarding the most efficient application for Ground Water Pumping, Mine Dewatering, Fuel, Irrigation and Fire hose. You can meet us at these, and […]

Emergency Mine Dewatering Hoses

In June 2012, the Gippsland region in Eastern Victoria faced some of the worst floods in recorded history. On June 6, the Morwell River dramatically burst its banks, sending floodwaters into the Yallourn open cut coal mine, damaging a coal conveyor and slowing production. Then two weeks later, the mine flooded again, further affecting production […]

Flexibore 100 for ground water pumping on farm

In December 2011, Crusader Hose were successful in winning a competitive tender as part of the Australian Government’s textile, clothing and footwear strategic capability (SCP) program. This grant was awarded for the development of an innovative new hose process that would offer a variety of advantages to users as opposed to the commonly used poly […]

Army Fuel Hose Project

The Australian Defence Force called for tender to supply a system for rapid bulk fuel transfer. Crusader Hose met the very stringent requirements to win the contract to supply many kilometres of 150mm Petroline® for the Australian Army to be used in Iraq.

Bore Water Retrieval

Due to the recent droughts, water has become a very pricey commodity. Farmers without access to regular channel irrigation can find themselves even more at the mercy of nature. One solution to secure water supply is to invest in a borehole and to access groundwater. The advantages of a farmer installing a borehole and pumping […]

Temporary flexible hoseline for Yarra Valley Water

Yarra Valley Water have significant issues with the renewal and maintenance of underground water pipes due to the corrosion over many years. It can take weeks to reline or replace these old pipes, and households do not want to have their water cut off during this maintenance period.

Firmly Attached Couplings

Industries must always avoid downtime if they are to remain profitable. It’s a lesson that the multinational Coca Cola company knows all too well. That is why they use Crusader Hose secure coupling. Coca Cola wanted peace of mind in their operations, knowing that their hose would never suffer a costly and potentially dangerous hose […]

Installing Flexibore by hand

We installed a 0.5 kW submersible pump and 32mm Flexibore 100 series x 40m deep. All that was required was a basic roller attached to the casing.

Deep Submersible Pump Installation

Think Water Bunbury in Western Australia had the major project of extracting ground water from depths of up to 247 metres on behalf of Wesfarmers Resources at their mine site. The pumps required were the large and heavy 90 kW type, and there were added concerns of salinity and iron bacteria build up, common in […]

Installing Flexibore with Crane on Truck

We installed a 15-kW submersible pump and 76mm Flexibore 200 series x 35m deep. All that was required was basic equipment including a crane on truck to lift the pump. Pictures illustrating installation of FLEXIBORE system… This took 35 minutes with two operators.