Rapier Hose

Heavy Duty Fire Hose with Added Protection
Rapier is a popular choice with both fire brigades and industrial plant fire protection. It is a high pressure Type 3 fire hose, which is manufactured with an extruded synthetic rubber cover. This extruded cover protects the hose against abrasion and chemical damage. This woven fire hose is made from polyester with a synthetic rubber lining and cover. The interior lining and exterior coating on the fire hose jacket is made from PVC nitrile. This extruded cover is highly chemical and abrasion resistant. In addition to the practical protection afforded by the polymer cover, the layflat hose is protected from being stained by oils and dirt.
Colour-code your layflat hose
The protective cover comes in a variety of colours ideal for identification purposes. Red hose may signify the fire hose, while a blue hose can be for wash-down. Customers sometimes like to blend their hose colour according to the colour scheme of the plant, or to reflect their corporate colours. The Rapier is usually supplied in 30m lengths but longer lengths, up to 200m, can be made. The Rapier is easy to store and is also UV stabilised so it stands up well to prolonged outdoor use. All Crusader Hose is manufactured in our ISO 9001 quality accredited factory and comes with a standard 12 month warranty.
Centurion hose is manufactured in Australia and carries an approval of Australian Standard AS 2792-1992 and the Australian Army Standard DEF 5195A-1992.
It is mainly used for:
  • Fire fighting
  • Wash-down
  • Dewatering
  • Water transfer
  • Irrigation


ClassInside diameter
Inside diameter
Working Pressure
Test Pressure
Burst Pressure
Weight per Meter
30m Coil Diameter
H25 1″21003150 55000.230.39
H381½”210031505250 0.30 0.46
H45 1¾”2100315052500.360.47
H51 2″210031505250 0.430.48
H652½”210031505250 0.560.51
M76 3″1400 21004500 0.800.53
M903½”1400 21004350 0.830.54
Note that other sizes are available upon request Our friendly staff will guide you in selecting the most appropriate layflat hose for your individual needs. Please use the contact us form or call our head office on (03) 9720 1100.

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