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A perfect combination: solar power & bore water pumping.

Renewable energy and Crusader Hose can team up to be part of the solution to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar-powered bore pumps are the smart way to minimise the need for high-cost fossil fuel-generated electricity. Manufactured in Australia, the efficiencies of Flexibore® layflat hose not only reduces pumping costs but requires less fuel and energy in transportation costs than imports.

Crusader Hose is a world-leading manufacturer of layflat hose and has pioneered the development of a flexible rising main. Flexibore® 100 is ideal with submersible pumps and suits most lower flow bore water pumping applications up to 100 m deep.

Proudly manufactured in Australia, Flexibore® is available in 32 mm & 51 mm diameters and coils up compactly in a continuous length. Its flexible nature allows easy handling by two operators with simple accessories; the secure couplings can be attached before or when on-site. With the high-tensile strength of the hose, no safety cable is required.

Other benefits of the Flexibore® system include the perfect hydraulic-flow characteristics ensuring low-cost pumping. Due to its elastomeric swelling features, iron bacteria cannot build up inside the hose. This reliability has helped to make Flexibore® the system of choice for solar bore water pumping.

“In originally developing Flexibore®, the ease with which a farmer could raise or lower a bore pump was essential, and this need is still pertinent today. The solar bore pump equipped with Flexibore® can be pulled up over a mini roller. There are no kinking problems, as is the case with poly pipe. A pump blockage or replacement can be fixed easily when using Flexibore®. We are firm believers in reducing the carbon footprint associated with our products. By manufacturing in Australia, we do not contribute to the carbon dioxide emissions due to shipping as all importers are. By equipping Flexibore® 100 with solar pumps, we have a win-win situation for the farmer as well as for the environment.”

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose



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