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Australian Made Flexidrag® – quality hose for irrigation which you can trust!

Reliability and ease of handling are the two key qualities farmers require most of a good travelling irrigation hose. Crusader Hose has invested heavily in technology and factory upgrades to manufacture a world-class quality hose perfect for the rigours of the irrigation market. Flexidrag® is the locally made travelling irrigator hose many Australian and New Zealand farmers trust most.

One of the most challenging hoses to manufacture is the travelling irrigator hose, as the demands are various and numerous. The durability of the exterior, the weight of the drag and its overall flexibility are three critical matters to consider. For any hose manufacturer to get it right takes a commitment towards excellence. Crusader Hose has over 35 years of experience developing layflat hose technology and is driven by a spirit of continuous improvement. The company has invested close to $1 million in technology and factory upgrades to bring about the world-quality travelling irrigation hose, Flexidrag®.

A travelling irrigation hose is often called a drag hose as the irrigator pulls it along. A hose dragged from place to place is inherently subjected to more stress on its exterior than any other hose. In addition to the extreme UV conditions of Australia, the temperature range common in many farming areas of below zero to 50 °C also demands a robust cover. Crusader Hose manufactures Flexidrag® to manage extreme weather.

Layflat Flexidrag® is made with a polyurethane (PU) cover. The hose’s high-tensile textile reinforcement is encased in PU via the weave-through extrusion process giving Flexidrag® its tough exterior and interior. Crusader Hose believes Flexidrag® is superior to rubber irrigation hose because it is non-cracking. Cold flow properties make rubber crack along the seam. Cracks expose the textile hose, which can lead to premature wear and breakdown. Flexidrag® PU is UV stabilised to withstand extreme Australian conditions.

Flexidrag® is extruded with precise concentricity. This means the PU layer thickness is measured evenly throughout the length of the hose. Concentricity to this degree makes Flexidrag® lightweight and flexible. PU is also lighter in weight per metre versus rubber, thereby reducing energy requirements.

The flexibility and ease of handling make Flexidrag® a top performer in the field. It is compact, and longer lengths can be fitted onto the irrigator reel compared to rubber hose or other imported brands.

State-of-the-art technology gives Flexidrag® its small bend radius, which helps reduce kinking. It also allows Flexidrag® to work well at low pressures on laterals as well as with high pressures on guns.

“The improvements to our drag irrigation hose bring Flexidrag® to world standard. We’re in the second irrigation season since its development, and Flexidrag® is proving itself a top seller in the market. I believe we have created the world’s best travelling irrigation hose.”

Hasmik Yaylaian, Sales Manager at Crusader Hose

For peace of mind, Flexidrag® is backed up by a pro-rata 10-year warranty. Made here in Australia, dealing with a local manufacturer is so much easier if you have any issues. When dealing with imports, waiting for factory test results can take six months and sending the hose overseas for testing is expensive.



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