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Crusader Hose 36 years on, is a company easy to deal with.

Setting up pipelines on mine sites are a big part of water logistics. However, moving water from one site to another doesn’t have to be a time-consuming exercise. Australian manufacturer Crusader Hose has the solution for the Crusader Hose started weaving layflat hose in 1985 and since then has grown from strength to strength. Although faced with many challenges breaking into a market full of imports, the company has gained a lot of traction in the mining industry not solely for manufacturing quality products but also for being a company that is easy to deal with.quick and easy deployment and retrieval of pipelines: layflat hose pipeline systems.

Crusader Hose was formed in 1985 as a specialist manufacturer of fire hose. Over time, the company’s technical strengths and competencies grew to develop new product lines that now service a wider market of industrial hose applications. The mining industry is one sector that has significantly benefitted from a company heavily invested in supporting water logistics. Large diameter layflat hose and reeling systems are essential to efficient mine dewatering.

Apart from designing high-quality layflat pipelines and reeling systems for mine dewatering projects, knowledgeable and courteous customer service representatives are key.

We pride ourselves as being easy to deal with and offering solutions for emergency dewatering or for moving large amounts of water as a project progresses is our number 1 focus.

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose.

With a combined total of 88 years in dealing with Crusader Hose products and customers, the Customer Service Team’s reputation is a testament to that commitment.

Late last year, a large mine in Queensland urgently required a dewatering solution for a critically-timed project. The requirements were complex and highly specific. Maree from the Customer Service Team received the call and supported the engineer throughout the discussions while calling on the expert technical staff at Crusader Hose to find the appropriate solution. Although unable to mention the project’s specifics, 380 m of Flexibore® 400 and specialised accessories made their way to the mine within seven days; expert technical support by Francois was also given on-site. The engineer involved repeatedly thanked the Team for all they did in such a short time.

Most recently, a survey of customers revealed that they feel strong relationships with suppliers were very important. Customer service rated by 95% of respondees was a  4.5 average out of five, with 61% giving Crusader Hose top marks. Ninety-five per cent indicated that stock availability and short lead times were vital to their business and that 97% felt that products manufactured by Crusader Hose are better or as good as the top imports.

These performance and quality indicators are even more important to mining engineers today due to the impact Covid has had on imports and distribution. Mines often cannot wait weeks or months for critical equipment to arrive, impacting productivity and profitability.

The quality-accredited ISO 9001 headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia, has a large distribution network. Top companies have aligned themselves with this company because of the ease of dealing with a local manufacturer who delivers results.

We believe that the Australian market for layflat hose can be better serviced by a local manufacturer with our experience, stocking and willingness to customise, Crusader Hose is always seeking to establish new partnerships and strengthen existing ones with great customer service and innovative solutions. We are proud of our 36-year history and aim to remain respected as Australia’s leading flexible hose and reeling systems manufacturer for many more years to come.

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose



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