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Flexibore® – for your cane irrigation needs.

Cane growers know all about water efficiency for yielding the most abundant crop every season. Crusader Hose knows that irrespective of the irrigation system of choice, bore-water acquisition is equally important. Flexibore® layflat hose, manufactured in Australia, is a reliable and easy-to-handle flexible riser for all bores.

Crusader Hose is a world-leading manufacturer of layflat hose and has pioneered the development of a flexible rising main. Flexibore® is ideal with submersible pumps and is the perfect substitute for steel risers or poly pipe. Flexibore® suits most bore water pumping applications for crop irrigation up to 250 m deep.

Proudly manufactured in Australia, Flexibore® is available in various diameters ranging from 32 mm to 152 mm. The benefits of using this flexible hose are many. Flexibore® coils up compactly and comes in a continuous length. Its flexible nature allows easy handling by two operators with simple accessories; the secure couplings can be attached before or when on-site. With the high-tensile strength of the hose, no safety cable is required.

Other benefits of the Flexibore® system include the perfect hydraulic-flow characteristics ensuring low-cost pumping. Due to its elastomeric swelling features, iron bacteria cannot build up inside the hose. This reliability has helped to make Flexibore® the system of choice for many farmers.

“Flexibore® was originally developed with the farmer in mind. We wanted to create a product that would be easy to handle by a minimum of labour. Submersible pumps equipped with smaller diameter Flexibore® can be installed and pulled up over a mini roller by one person. Larger diameter Flexibore® requires an installation roller and two operators. With this flexible pipe, there are no kinking or handling problems, so the pump can be easily installed. A pump blockage or replacement can be fixed easily when using Flexibore®”

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose.

As an innovative Aussie manufacturer, Crusader Hose has become well known in the bore water pumping industry.

“We are committed to supporting the farmers working in such an important industry. Australia is the second-largest exporter of cane in the world, and we are proud to be part of the winning formula by being part of the water supply chain,”

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose.



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