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Fuel Transfer Hose

Ship-To-Shore Fuel Transfer

Fuel Hose

Whether it is for a commercial or humanitarian aid or military application, the transfer of fuel to remote isolated areas poses many challenges, especially when safety and reliability are imperative to the operators involved. Crusader Hose’s Petroline® offers the best choice for transfer of bulk chemicals and fuel in situations where ship- to- shore, or refuelling lines are required. Each Petroline ® hose is constructed with anti-static wire for electrical continuity and safety.

Safe & Efficient Fuel Transfer With Petroline®

Petroline® fuel transfer hose delivers more than just fuel from point to point. It delivers reliability and efficiency to improve your profitability. Combined with purpose- designed hose reel systems, Petroline® will streamline your fuel delivery, saving you money, manpower and time.

Petroline® has been the fuel transfer hose of choice for the Australian Defence Force in Iraq where hose performance in harsh conditions really matters. Quality features include:

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Complies with AS2683 section 2
  • Complies with AS2001.28 – UV and abrasion tests.
PETROLINE® Applications include:
  • Delivering fuels and chemicals
  • Refuelling – trucks, rail and ships
  • Ship- to- shore fuel transfer
  • Applications in fuel terminals and depots
  • A long working life in extreme climates such asAntarctica.

If you are looking for high-quality and reliable fuel hoses, Crusader Hose has a solution.

The quality and reliability of our Petroline fuel hoses have made Crusader Hose a leading fuel hose manufacturer and fuel hose supplier.

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