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Reliable mine dewatering solutions.

Water logistics in the mining life cycle takes planning, forecasting, and, ultimately, excellent and reliable equipment. Good water management is crucial when planning or expanding a mine and when preparing for emergencies such as flooding or heavy rain. Whatever stage or status your mine is in, Crusader Hose has reliable dewatering solutions to remove and transfer your water easily and safely.

Water logistics is an integral part of mine management when designing new mines, developing existing mines, and mine rehabilitation. Moving water from A to B requires efficient and safe execution, whether for storage, distribution, acquisition, or transportation. Emergency situations bring an added urgency to these activities, and having a reliable Australian company to deal with for the right equipment can be vital to the success of mine dewatering projects.

Crusader Hose has been manufacturing layflat hose for over 35 years and has gained a reputation of reliability, trust and excellence. It is a company that has worked in consultation with the mining sector in designing high-quality dewatering hose and reeling systems. The transportation and handling of rigid poly pipe can often require many trucks and additional labour to weld the pipelines, so using a compact layflat reel system will save both time and money. Francois Steverlynck, managing director of Crusader Hose, said after his most recent trip between lockdowns;

“Understanding the needs of mines and being at the coalface is paramount in our supportive relationship. Our designed reeling systems that manage our Waterlord® layflat hose have enabled engineers to plan for and execute dewatering projects relatively simply and easily.”

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose.

As up to 200m of large-diameter Waterlord® layflat can compactly wind onto a reel, the hose is quick and easy to deploy, pumping up to 500L/sec. After successfully emptying the pit, the hose can be just as easily retrieved, relocated if required, and then stored for later use. The Waterlord® dewatering system comprises of either interchangeable reels or a large spool solution. Crusader Hose can customise either design to the mine’s particular needs.

Although layflat hose for the mining industry has been around for many decades and has proved itself a cost-effective and friendly solution, moving away from a rigid pipe system to using layflat requires a paradigm shift.

“For those water engineers who are hesitant to change, I would first recommend trying layflat in shorter lengths. For example, from the pump outlet to the fixed line. I have no doubt the benefits of a flexible hose will be appreciated when the pump needs moving. These benefits will multiply when trying to move an entire pipeline.”

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose.

With over 350 established mines across Australia, the Waterlord® dewatering system may prove an advantage to many. 

“Crusader Hose have worked with many mines from WA to Queensland and have supplied many 100s of kilometres of layflat hose. Our manufacturing and engineering expertise allows us to support this essential industry.”

Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director of Crusader Hose.



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