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Hose Reel Systems

Hose Reel Systems

Being a leader in layflat hose manufacturing and supply, nobody understands layflat hose better than we do. Our engineering team have researched and developed a range of hose reel systems to facilitate more efficient and effective handling, plus deployment and retrieval, of our layflat hose. Each hose reel system is designed and tested to suit different hose applications. This includes the Petroline® fuel transfer hose reel system, which we developed and built for the Australian Army. We also can supply a Rapid Mine Dewatering System using our Waterlord M series layflat hose. This includes custom hose reels and a hydraulic winder drive unit. Our goal is to ensure the delivery of a reel system that is safe, user-friendly and fits the purpose and application of each customer, saving them time and money.

Petroline® hose reel system

This hose reel system is mountable onto trucks, enabling an efficient deployment and retrieval of the fuel line to a remote temporary fuel farm. For deployment, the truck moves forward and the reel lays out/unwinds the fuel transfer hose. The 200-metre long hoses have their couplings connected, allowing many kilometres to be joined together over any terrain. Once the required distance has been laid out, the delivery of bulk fuel is efficient as the pumps then take over. Our reel systems are built to withstand and perform in a wide variety of harsh conditions. The capability to pump fuel efficiently to remote sites in a rapid deployment method provides major benefits to the Australian Defence Force.

Key Advantages of The Hose Reel System:
  • Can be attached to bob-cat, forklift or tractor
  • Easy, quick hose deployment and retrieval
  • Easy and compact to store
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Temporary pumping to remote locations.
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